Posted by: admin | May 6, 2010

IDT Energy Helping You Save

Certainly, IDT Energy understands that you want to save on your electricity bills and many other bills in the home.  One way to start to save is by making sure that you don’t have any leaks, insulation issues, water problems, etc. in the home. This will make your home more comfortable to live in, while also maintaining the value of your property.

One major issue that people often have in their homes is mold, mildew or other biological growths.  If you are having these issues, you should first try to identify the source.  If the problem is localized, it may be due to a water leak, while if it’s more centralized, it may be caused by high humidity.

If you find that a leak is the problem, you need to have any leaks fixed immediately and then dry the area out completely.  If you believe it’s because of humidity that this problem is occurring, you can use ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to control moisture.  Check that your clothes dryer is ventilating directly out of the house and check the vent duct for obstructions and secure attachment. Finally, keep your air conditioner drip pans clean and make sure that your drain lines are unobstructed.



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