Posted by: admin | September 27, 2012

Intel Joins Forces With IDT Energy

Intel, the American chipmaker, has recently teamed up with IDT Energy to create an integrated transmitter and receiver chipset for wireless charging technology.

According to TechNewsWorld, the new charging tecnology will “use magnet resonance technology that could enable a computer to power a device wirelessly — just set the device down near the PC, and it starts charging.”

It explains that “Intel and IDT will deliver validated reference designs for deployment in Ultrabooks, all-in-one PCs, smartphones and standalone chargers. The technology may also be used in keyboards, mice, storage devices, cameras and smartphones, stated Gary Huang, director of PC growth and innovation at Intel.”

Intel’s Dan Snyder explained:

“You will need a WCT- (wireless charging technology) enabled peripheral and charging device [such as] a future Ultrabook, and the peripheral must be within an inch of the transmitter.”



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