Posted by: admin | May 20, 2010

IDT Energy Part of the IDT Corporation

When you’re deciding which energy company to use, it’s always a benefit to know the background of the company.  IDT Energy is part of the larger IDT Corporation.  Their goal is to continually create improvements in markets that are under-served, over-priced and underdeveloped to offer the best telecommunication and energy products to their clients.

IDT Corporation includes IDT Telecom and Genie Energy (where IDT Energy is).  IDT Telecom is their large telecommunications business.  They create cutting edge technologies to lower costs and to improve call quality for millions of callers around the world.

Genie Energy includes their IDT Energy retail energy supply company and two oil ventures.  IDT Energy is the largest residential energy supply company in New York. They also service New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  They supply gas and electricity to residential and small business consumers. Genie Energy also includes American Shale Oil, LLC (AMSO) which is a 50/50 venture with the multi-national energy company Total.  Genie Energy also includes Israel Energy Initiative.



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