Posted by: admin | April 22, 2010

Summer Energy Savings Tips from IDT Energy

The summer months are upon us. IDT Energy wishes to help New Yorkers save on their electric bill, while at the same time reducing demand on power during the coming peak months of energy use. One approach to keeping cool is to use less air conditioning, which draws an enormous amount of electricity.
Here are five easy tips to staying cool at home, so you can use the air conditioner as little as possible.
1. Instead of cooking in your oven, use your microwave. It takes less time and doesn’t create any extra heat.
2. Enjoy the convenience of making one dish meals in a slow cooker, without adding heat to the house.
3. Cover pots and pans while cooking. It holds in the heat and is more energy efficient.
4. Turn the thermostat on your hot water heater down to 115-120 degrees. There is no need to heat water to 140 degrees, which is what most hot water heaters are set to. Not only is this a waste of electricity, it can be dangerous as well.
5. What is better for saving water and electricity, a shower or a bath? Well, if your shower is only five minutes long you will use only one third of the amount of hot water a bath would have used.


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