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IDT Energy and Entrepreneur of the Year

A few weeks ago, IDT Energy Inc. announced that its company’s CEO, Geoff Rochwarger, was named a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year(R) 2012 program in the New Jersey region.  The award is given in recognition for outstanding entrepreneurs who show “excellence and extraordinary success” in areas like: innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Awards will be presented at a special gala on June 27, 2012 at the Hyatt New Brunswick.

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Energy-Saving Tips: Forum

For everyone who has utility bills – either with IDT Energy or another service provider – learning about how to save on energy should always be welcome.  In Yorktown, New York, a forum entitled “Roadmap to Energy Efficiency,” was hosted by District 9 County Legislator Catherine Borgia. Intended to teach residents about saving energy and money, this event gave participants information on free home energy assessments; 20 tips on what they can do in an effort to begin saving money immediately and more.

In addition to this forum, when purchasing new appliances, one should look into which are the most energy-efficient as this will create a long-term financial saving.

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IDT Energy Acquires New Customers

IDT Energy recently acquired a new customer – Duquesne Light – when it initiated service in southwest Pennsylvania. Duquesne Light seeks to offer “safe and reliable service” to over half-a-million customers in the region, by ensuring they have access to electricity of “the highest standards of Corporate Governance.”

To achieve its goals, Duquesne Light takes a regular accounting of its staff.  It ensures: its CEO is a member of its Board of Directors; that there is at least one person sitting on the board who is an independent director who is also a business executive from the Pittsburgh community; a Governance committee has been organized by the Board of Directors; and that these executive roles also include responsibility for “reviewing conflicts of interest, Statement of Business Ethics, Board self-evaluation and evaluation of Board committee charters.”  The company also seeks to ensure all complaints and employee reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion and a goal towards establishing and maintaining ethical conduct is worked toward.

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Utility Bills: Keeping Up With Modernity

Since these days people are using way more electricity than they did in the past – due to advances in technology, easier access to more and cheaper gadgets, and other such changes – it is important to find ways to keep one’s IDT Energy or other utility service provider bills as low as possible.  Indeed, given that statistics from the US Energy Information Administration report that the consumption of domestic energy has more than doubled, reaching approximately 100 quadrillion BTUs since 1949.  That’s a large increase.  And thus actions need to be taken to keep a check on utility bills and energy conservation as much as possible.

So the advice being given to people is to look around their homes to identify power zappers and thereafter making very small changes that will result in rather large changes to one’s wallet at the end of the day.  For example, even though it may seem an old refrigerator is doing its job, it seems that it uses up to three times more energy than their newer counterparts. Consider replacing it if possible.  Similarly with old freezers that can add a further $120 in operating fees per annum.  So ultimately it’s not worth the “saving” of not purchasing a new one.

Since it does seem that we are using way more electricity these days, it is worthwhile investigating easy ways of cutting down on costs and, simultaneously, saving the environment, especially since these changes are very easy to implement.

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Boosting Home Energy Efficiency

There are many different ways to save on utility bills, but sometimes it’s just easier to hire someone to help you out.  Whether you have IDT Energy or another utility supplier, it is always recommended to try and make financial savings on your bills.  So how can you do this easily? First, the Community Energy Services (CES) squad can come to your house for an hour and a half to do the small tasks you haven’t quite gotten around to, like replacing all your CFLs; weather-strip the doors; install a programmable thermostat; low flow showerheads and faucets; wrap pipes and more.  They will also make recommendations for other additional projects. This will help you start saving energy and money immediately.  As well, you should ask them for a list of reliable contractors for anything else you might need in that area.  And you can acquiesce information from them about the latest rebates and incentives from the utilities.

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York: Energy Saving Tips


York:  Energy Saving Tips

Last week, the people of York were invited to an event focused on how to make homes run cheaper and more efficiently, but still stay warm and cool during the four seasons.  Knowing how to conserve energy is a good way of keeping one’s IDT Energy bills as low as possible. 

The events were funded by the Local Energy Assessment Fund and the Energy Saving Trust in order to help people learn new ways of easy-to-implement energy conservation tips.  As well, the tools they implement will help protect the environment. As an additional incentive to get people to attend the event, the first 20 participants to arrive were given a free electricity meter.  They will be privy to advice from a York Energy Partnership member of staff on how to make homes more energy-efficient.

Any new tools learned or devices installed to save on utility bills, has to be a welcome gift from all IDT Energy or other energy service provider customers.


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Natural Phone Chargers: Human Breath


There are many ways to save on your IDT Energy bills, from making small changes in the house to purchasing energy-saving gadgets.  One of the most recent gadgets might raise a few eyebrows.  The new invention – developed by Brazilian Joco Paulo Lammoglia – can mount the wind power that comes from breathing and transform it into electricity.  By doing this, it can operate electrical devices such as an iPad, mobile phone or laptop, helping one make financial savings on their utility bills. 

Known as the AIRE mask, the gadget is made of miniature wind turbines.  The energy that results, goes from a cable to the device and can be used any time, any place, even when one is sleeping.  In addition, it helps promote physical exercise as if one goes running they can wear the mask – while it is connected to an iOS-powered device – and continue to breathe normally.

This is also great news for the environment since even though cellphones are not particularly large devices, they can emit a quite substantial impact on the environment like creating up to a metric ton of CO2 per annum.  So anything that can be done to curb energy, not only saves on bills, but benefits the environment as well.There are many ways to save on your IDT Energy bills, from making small changes in the house to purchasing energy-saving gadgets.  One of the most recent gadgets might raise a few eyebrows.  The new invention – developed by Brazilian Joco Paulo Lammoglia – can mount the wind power that comes from breathing and transform it into electricity.  By doing this, it can operate electrical devices such as an iPad, mobile phone or laptop, helping one make financial savings on their utility bills. 


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Energy Efficiency Rebates



Avista has given district schools and facilities under the umbrella of Spokane Public Schools (SPS) close to $430,000 in energy efficiency rebates and incentives.  This is a huge saving when looking at any utility bill – IDT Energy or another – and can thus clearly translate into big bucks.  It is estimated that this will lead to a saving of around $207,000 per year for SPS.  This is because of the huge improvements it made last year. 

So how is this being done?  Through the installation of water heaters, insulation, high-efficiency boilers and more, a staggering 1.4m kWh and 138,000 therms will be saved per year by SPS.  What does that translate to?  The powering of 116 homes which will provide natural gas to 187 homes each year.

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Energy Saving Tool

Everyone is looking for ways to save on utility bills.  One way to do this is to ensure that your service provider – like IDT Energy – is giving you the best deal by reading the fine print.  Another way to do this is to investigate new tools that aim to facilitate energy saving.  For example, Siemens Industry has developed an online Energy Savings Estimator to enable customers utilizing drives, motors, couplings and gearboxes to estimate potential energy savings across their drive train.  According to the president of the company’s drive technologies division, Doug Keith, “we believe that our Energy Savings Estimator is an industry first, providing customers with an easy method of understanding the potential savings that upgrades may offer to their existing drive train systems.” 

The company believes there is great potential for industry energy efficiency through its tool by implementing control, automation and drive technologies.  Since industry consumes 70 percent of all American-consumed energy, this has to be a worthwhile tool.

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Houseplants Help Save on Bills

Irrespective of whether you are using IDT Energy or another utility company, it is worth looking into different ways of saving on bills.  Some people choose to purchase electrical air purifiers, but these are pretty costly.  So what other way is there to do this and save money?  Houseplants can be a better alternative.  NASA scientists have been looking into different ways to develop appropriate space station habitats.

Indeed, it has also been found that all indoor plants have the capacity of purifying indoor air via their process of photosynthesis.  The plants do not need to be flowering ones either.  Some are also quite good at removing harmful household toxins (benzene; formaldahyde and trichloroethylene).  Indeed, within 24 hours they were able to remove up to 90 percent of chemicals in the air.

So for purer air in your home, think about getting in some houseplants!

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