Posted by: admin | August 3, 2012

Summer Savings on Utility Bills

The summer is upon us and this can cause havoc with our utility bills. Whether we are signed up with IDT Energy or another utility provider, there are a number of things everyone can do to keep the bills down. First, make sure you adjust your thermostat. It’s not so difficult to do and you shouldn’t notice such a huge change if you do it slowly, by raising the thermostat’s temperature by at least three degrees, which will net a saving of approximately 20 percent on summertime IDT Energy bills.  Next, it might be worthwhile to request a home energy audit from your utility service provider which only takes about an hour but could end up saving you a substantial amount of money.  Also make sure you are getting the best deal from your service provider, and if not, investigate others to see if you can make a saving.

Using ceiling fans instead of the air conditioner – when possible – can also make a real difference to your bills in the summer so try it.



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