Posted by: admin | July 18, 2012

Keeping Electricity Costs Down

Not only will the environment benefit with a more efficient approach to printing, but electricity bills will also likely decrease. So what can companies learn from this?  Given that in general, they will use more power, paper and consumables, how can they keep their IDT Energy (or other utility service provider) down? One way to preserve energy, is to consolidate a printer fleet to comprise fewer productive machines.  Given that today, a lot of offices have many printers (which are not necessarily needed), this means more energy will be required, as well as additional toner and other consumables that can be limited.  Today, there are various top quality workgroup printers and multi-function devices on the  market that can solve this problem and ensure greater energy efficiency, thus reducing a company’s utility bills.

In addition, it is worthwhile looking into the benefits of energy-saving features which put machines to “sleep” at night time and vacations, which can ultimately save hundreds of dollars a year.



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