Posted by: admin | July 4, 2012

China: Advanced Energy-Saving Devices

It seems that if one wants to really make advances in lowering their IDT Energy or other utility service provider bills, China might be the place to investigate.   The country’s factories are starting to offer automation and advanced energy-saving devices into their production lines as rising wages bite profits. This makes sense given the Chinese government’s policy direction vis-à-vis the reduction of energy use by the country’s largest power consumers.

What should be noted however, is that while this is being done in China on a grand scale, in America – and indeed throughout the developed world – people are able to make smarter choices that will result in a lowering of their utility bills, and, perhaps more importantly for globalization, greater conservation throughout the world.

Indeed, perhaps the USA wants to take a leaf out of China’s book. According to VP of Schneider Electric, China, Jason Ai, while attitudes are indeed changing in China and people are waking up to what needs to be done, much work is still required.  He said that the feeling amongst a lot of the country’s industrial companies is that upgrading equipment is a cost as opposed to an investment. One step at a time.




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