Posted by: admin | May 6, 2012

IDT Energy Acquires New Customers

IDT Energy recently acquired a new customer – Duquesne Light – when it initiated service in southwest Pennsylvania. Duquesne Light seeks to offer “safe and reliable service” to over half-a-million customers in the region, by ensuring they have access to electricity of “the highest standards of Corporate Governance.”

To achieve its goals, Duquesne Light takes a regular accounting of its staff.  It ensures: its CEO is a member of its Board of Directors; that there is at least one person sitting on the board who is an independent director who is also a business executive from the Pittsburgh community; a Governance committee has been organized by the Board of Directors; and that these executive roles also include responsibility for “reviewing conflicts of interest, Statement of Business Ethics, Board self-evaluation and evaluation of Board committee charters.”  The company also seeks to ensure all complaints and employee reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion and a goal towards establishing and maintaining ethical conduct is worked toward.



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