Posted by: admin | April 25, 2012

Utility Bills: Keeping Up With Modernity

Since these days people are using way more electricity than they did in the past – due to advances in technology, easier access to more and cheaper gadgets, and other such changes – it is important to find ways to keep one’s IDT Energy or other utility service provider bills as low as possible.  Indeed, given that statistics from the US Energy Information Administration report that the consumption of domestic energy has more than doubled, reaching approximately 100 quadrillion BTUs since 1949.  That’s a large increase.  And thus actions need to be taken to keep a check on utility bills and energy conservation as much as possible.

So the advice being given to people is to look around their homes to identify power zappers and thereafter making very small changes that will result in rather large changes to one’s wallet at the end of the day.  For example, even though it may seem an old refrigerator is doing its job, it seems that it uses up to three times more energy than their newer counterparts. Consider replacing it if possible.  Similarly with old freezers that can add a further $120 in operating fees per annum.  So ultimately it’s not worth the “saving” of not purchasing a new one.

Since it does seem that we are using way more electricity these days, it is worthwhile investigating easy ways of cutting down on costs and, simultaneously, saving the environment, especially since these changes are very easy to implement.



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