Posted by: admin | April 12, 2012

Boosting Home Energy Efficiency

There are many different ways to save on utility bills, but sometimes it’s just easier to hire someone to help you out.  Whether you have IDT Energy or another utility supplier, it is always recommended to try and make financial savings on your bills.  So how can you do this easily? First, the Community Energy Services (CES) squad can come to your house for an hour and a half to do the small tasks you haven’t quite gotten around to, like replacing all your CFLs; weather-strip the doors; install a programmable thermostat; low flow showerheads and faucets; wrap pipes and more.  They will also make recommendations for other additional projects. This will help you start saving energy and money immediately.  As well, you should ask them for a list of reliable contractors for anything else you might need in that area.  And you can acquiesce information from them about the latest rebates and incentives from the utilities.



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