Posted by: admin | March 30, 2012

York: Energy Saving Tips


York:  Energy Saving Tips

Last week, the people of York were invited to an event focused on how to make homes run cheaper and more efficiently, but still stay warm and cool during the four seasons.  Knowing how to conserve energy is a good way of keeping one’s IDT Energy bills as low as possible. 

The events were funded by the Local Energy Assessment Fund and the Energy Saving Trust in order to help people learn new ways of easy-to-implement energy conservation tips.  As well, the tools they implement will help protect the environment. As an additional incentive to get people to attend the event, the first 20 participants to arrive were given a free electricity meter.  They will be privy to advice from a York Energy Partnership member of staff on how to make homes more energy-efficient.

Any new tools learned or devices installed to save on utility bills, has to be a welcome gift from all IDT Energy or other energy service provider customers.




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