Posted by: admin | February 29, 2012

Energy Efficiency Rebates



Avista has given district schools and facilities under the umbrella of Spokane Public Schools (SPS) close to $430,000 in energy efficiency rebates and incentives.  This is a huge saving when looking at any utility bill – IDT Energy or another – and can thus clearly translate into big bucks.  It is estimated that this will lead to a saving of around $207,000 per year for SPS.  This is because of the huge improvements it made last year. 

So how is this being done?  Through the installation of water heaters, insulation, high-efficiency boilers and more, a staggering 1.4m kWh and 138,000 therms will be saved per year by SPS.  What does that translate to?  The powering of 116 homes which will provide natural gas to 187 homes each year.



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