Posted by: admin | February 23, 2012

Energy Saving Tool

Everyone is looking for ways to save on utility bills.  One way to do this is to ensure that your service provider – like IDT Energy – is giving you the best deal by reading the fine print.  Another way to do this is to investigate new tools that aim to facilitate energy saving.  For example, Siemens Industry has developed an online Energy Savings Estimator to enable customers utilizing drives, motors, couplings and gearboxes to estimate potential energy savings across their drive train.  According to the president of the company’s drive technologies division, Doug Keith, “we believe that our Energy Savings Estimator is an industry first, providing customers with an easy method of understanding the potential savings that upgrades may offer to their existing drive train systems.” 

The company believes there is great potential for industry energy efficiency through its tool by implementing control, automation and drive technologies.  Since industry consumes 70 percent of all American-consumed energy, this has to be a worthwhile tool.



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