Posted by: admin | January 18, 2012

Drying Laundry Indoors

There are many ways to save on utility bills.  But it seems Americans are not putting these into place as efficiently as they could.  Irrespective of which energy service provider you are using – IDT Energy or any of the others – it is advisable to investigate the different ways you can save on your bills.

One way is to dry clothes indoors rather than putting the dryer on for each load of laundry.  In the summer, this can be done by putting the clothes outside, but in the winter – if you are insulating your home properly – then the clothes can dry pretty quickly if they are hung up inside.

These days there are various devices that you can purchase to make drying clothes indoors easier, such as a clothes airer store (which comes with shelves, making it multi-purpose), different washing lines, or a telescopic pole which lets you hang your clothes above the bathtub.



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