Posted by: admin | January 5, 2012

Saving on Bills

All top service providers in the US – including IDT Energy – want their customers to be satisfied.  Part of customer satisfaction is having lower bills.  To do this, there are some simple tips to follow that everyone can do.  First, make sure you unplug electronic items that are not being used such as computers, cellphone chargers, etc.  Even though the devices themselves may not be plugged in, they are still consuming very tiny bits of electricity and that all adds up and increases your bill.  In such a situation, a timer is a good idea.

Close doors that lead to outside areas such as the utility room, storage room etc.  Often these rooms are very cold because they are closest to the outside so they let out a lot of heat.  Use compact florescent lights as opposed to incandescent ones as these are much more energy-efficient.  As well, use what nature has given us.  If there is sun during the day, keep blinds and curtains open and let solar energy naturally warm your environment.

Ensure all appliances are clean as that way they will run more efficiently. This is also good advice for faucets that may be leaking or anything else that is in need of repair.  Although it may seem that it is pricey to have everything fixed, it is worth it in the long-run and will ultimately help you save on energy bills.



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