Posted by: admin | December 24, 2011

Scrutinize all Energy Providers

Before signing up with IDT Energy or any of the other energy service providers offered throughout the nation, it is advisable to engage in a full side-by-side comparative study.  Look at the cheapest deals; see which ones – like IDT Energy – offer a no-cancellation fee policy; and remember that they are all usually competing for you to sign up so want to make their package attractive.  As well there are certain websites that give the lowdown on comparative studies between the service providers.

Other Energy Saving Tips

Once you’ve decided which energy service provider is going to give you the best package, take tips on other ways of saving cash on utility bills.  Good home insulation (windows, doors, walls, lofts etc.) is one way of doing it.  Check out the various different insulation materials available for solid walls. Any gaps in the windows should be filled with even the most simplest (and cheapest) of materials. It will make a difference.  As well, check how high your thermostat is; even if you reduce it by a mere 2°C, this could result in a saving of 20 percent in heating bills which translates into real money.

There are many ways to save on utility bills by doing just a few small things that are not difficult to implement.  Ensure you have the best energy service provider and then work out how to save on the bills.



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