Posted by: admin | November 9, 2011

Light the Way with IDT Energy


Energy Star Endorsed American Fluorescent Chandelier

The original appliance which required households to be hooked up to an external source of electricity was of course the electric light bulb. We have come a long way since the moment when Thomas A. Edison discovered an efficient way to light our homes. The list of appliances we need electricity for is almost endless, but no matter how many and how useful our other appliances are, there is no question that lighting is one of the most important.

Today there are an enormous number of choices of lighting for our homes, but one element in choosing our household lighting which has become more important as the cost of electricity has increased is the energy efficiency of the light fixture.

Luckily there is Energy Star to take the guess work out of choosing a beautiful lighting fixture which will also save electricity. If the fixture you choose is endorsed by Energy Star, then you can be sure that:

•    The light fixture will use ¼ of the energy of traditional lighting
•    The light lasts between 10,000 and 50,000 hours of regular use; that is between 7 and 22 years! This saves you lots of money on bulb replacements, and time purchasing them.
•    Light is distributed more evenly and efficiently than with ordinary fixtures.
•    The fixture has a warranty longer than the industry standard; that is for three years.

IDT Energy suggests that it pays to look for the Energy Star when choosing household lighting fixtures.



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