Posted by: admin | October 26, 2011

Bathroom Energy Savings from IDT Energy

Most people don’t realize that when water is wasted, so is electricity. How so? In most cities the majority of the electricity used is to supply water to its residents and then purifying it after its used.

Another statistic IDT Energy is taking this opportunity to point out is that about three quarters of the household water used by families is in the bathroom. Consider all the baths, showers, teeth-brushing done in the bathroom, not to mention that unless you have a low-flush toilet, every flush sends about five to seven gallons of water into the sewer. What a waste.

Here are a few pointers for saving water in the bathroom:

•    Fix leaky faucets
•    Take shorter showers
•    Take cooler showers
•    Get a low-flush toilet
•    Get a water-saving shower head

IDT Energy wishes you a clean, happy and energy saving bathroom experience.



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