Posted by: admin | September 6, 2011

IDT Energy: Coolest Standards Set for Latest Refrigerators

The Department of Energy has been working hard to help consumers save money and the country as a whole to save energy. Since 1987 when the first standards for energy saving of refrigerators were legislated, there have been three subsequent moves to strengthen those initial standards. By the year 2014 refrigerators will on average use only about 20% of the energy they used in the mid-1970s.

The latest DOE efficiency standards are geared to save an additional 25% of the energy that refrigerators use today. These new standards will not only save consumers money, but they will also create jobs, reduce pollution and motivate new ideas, innovations and investments.

“Refrigerator standards have been quietly saving consumers’ money while protecting our environment for more than 35 years,” said David Goldstein, co-director of the energy program at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“But these new standards are the coolest yet, because they show that innovation can keep driving improvements even after decades of progress. New fridges do an even better job of keeping our food fresh and providing consumer amenity, yet they use only one-fifth the electricity they used to – and that means less pollution from power plants.”



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