Posted by: admin | August 11, 2011

Energy Output on the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox

If you’re debating about getting a Wii, a PlayStation or an Xbox, you might just want to consider the energy consumption of these three devices. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) tests all three systems and found that the Nintendo Wii system uses six times less power than do the two other competitors when they are all in active mode.

As Mark McGranaghan, vice president of Power Delivery & Utilization for EPRI, said, “We included only a small sample of the many gaming systems available, but it reveals that the differences in energy use can be significant.”

EPRI did the testing by playing EA Sports’ Madden 2011 football game for one hour on each system. They found that the Ninteno Wii used an average of 13.7 watts, while the Sony PlayStation 3 used 84.8 watts and the Microsoft Xbox 360 used 87.9 watts.

McGranaghan did point out that, “Obviously there are many considerations when looking at a gaming system and we’re only talking about energy use. There are also tradeoffs associated with graphics and speed that drive higher energy use and consumers will need to factor those elements in as well. The more graphically intensive systems will, by design, require more energy.”



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