Posted by: admin | May 4, 2011

Hybrid Cars Gaining Popularity: IDT Energy

HEVs are Hybrid Electric Vehicles which combine the use of electricity with gasoline to improve mileage while reducing carbon emissions.

New Marketing Study Released

According to  the newly released 2011 US Green Automotive Study, major growth in consumer interest in hybrid and other so-called ‘green cars’ is about to materialize. The marketing firm of J.D. Power and Associates are expecting that about 10% of all automobile sales will be in the ‘fuel-efficient’ cars by the year 2016.

“It is the financial issues that most often resonate with consumers, whether it is the higher price of the vehicle itself, the cost to fuel or charge the vehicle, or the fear of higher maintenance costs,” said Mike VanNieuwkuyk, executive director of global vehicle research at J.D. Power and Associates.

Interest Positive

According to the press release from J.D. Power, “Overall, the study reveals interest in alternative powertrain vehicles among a majority of consumers, with perceptions of green vehicles being largely positive.”

IDT Energy, as a major supplier of electricity in the New York area, will keep consumers informed about the latest developments in hybrid, and especially electric powered vehicles.



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