Posted by: admin | April 16, 2011

Why Use ENERGY STAR Rated Products?

If you’ve looked into saving money with your lighting, you’ve probably heard about ENERGY STAR.  What, however, is ENERGY STAR, and is it really worth spending extra money now for the potential of saving later?

Certainly, there are many ways to try to cut down on your energy bill, from switching to a company like IDT Energy, to turning lights off more often, to purchasing ENERGY STAR products.  ENERGY STAR is actually a program, not a collection of products.  It is a joint program that was put together between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy with the goal of helping people to save money and protect the environment with energy efficient products and practices.

Products that have been rated with the ENERGY STAR label are those that can save consumers money while decreasing the impact they can have on the environment.  ENERGY STAR labeled light bulbs, for instance, can save customers about $30 on each bulb over the course of its lifetime.  These bulbs produce 75% less heat and are, therefore, safer to use while at the same time cutting home cooling costs.

There are also fixtures that have been rated with the ENERGY STAR label. These fixtures come in a huge array of styles. They distribute light more efficiently and evenly than do standard fixtures.

Find out more about using products with the ENERGY STAR label and start saving today!



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