Posted by: admin | April 3, 2011

IDT Energy: More Ways to Save Energy at the Office

IDT Energy CFL


With just a few simple energy saving ideas from IDT Energy it is possible to improve the bottom line while helping the environment, too.

Begin like the Bible with “Let there be light!” How you light your office can have a large effect on the electric bill your office will receive at the end of the month.  Consider the simple change-over from ordinary incandescent light bulbs to the latest in energy efficiency, compact fluorescent lighting.

In addition to switching out the bulbs, you might want to consider getting timers for certain lights and time clocks at the outlet. There also may be a light which would benefit from the installation of an occupancy sensor.

Timers and time clocks can be installed at lights which only need to be on at certain times of the day, ensuring that any lights left on accidentally at the end of the working day will turn off automatically when no one is in the office.

Occupancy sensors are similar and have been shown to save up to 30% on the cost of lighting during normal working hours.  These sensors insure that lights are not on when there is no need, such as in rooms which are sufficiently illuminated with daylight, storage areas, conference rooms, bathrooms or near windows.

Forty watt fluorescent bulbs can be changed for more efficient 34 watt CFLs, and they can last up to ten times as long as a simple incandescent.  Switching to CFLs is a smart, money-saving choice for any office.



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