Posted by: admin | February 20, 2011

Refrigerators and Energy Conservation: IDT Energy

Refrigerators are one of the biggest energy consumers in most homes. In order to lower the amount of energy used by this appliance, you may want to follow these simple tips:

• Make sure that the condenser coils are kept clean
• Replace the door gasket if necessary, in order to better hold the cold air inside the fridge. To test to see if this is needed, close the door on a piece of paper. If it can be slid out, it is time to reseal.
• Leave a 5cm space around the freezer in order for emitted heat to leave the vicinity of the compressor and coils.
• If your refrigerator is old, it may pay off to replace it with one that has an Energy Star symbol.

There are many additional ways to conserve energy at home. For more information on how to lower your energy costs, you may want to contact your electric company, like IDT Energy.



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