Posted by: admin | December 23, 2010

Stay Warm, Save Money

IDT Energy and similar companies encourage home owners to use their appliances and other electronics thoughtfully and efficiently. Proper use can dramatically lower the monthly energy bill. Here are a few tips for lowering the cost of heating in the house during the winter months:

Be sure to apply a sealant or caulk around windows, doorframes, silts and joints. Take advantage of a windy day by using it to identify leaks and draft that you may have throughout the house. You can use incense sticks or candles by placing them around windows, electric outlets, vents and exterior doors, and waiting to see if the flame or scent is pushed by a breeze. Also, look for spider webs. If there are webs, there is a draft. You may want to consider using plastic window covers to prevent heat loss. Be sure to leave heating vents in an area away from furniture, rugs and drapes, so that the heat is free to flow throughout the room.



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