Posted by: admin | December 16, 2010

IDT Energy Suggests Winter Ideas for Saving

Winter is upon us. That means that once again IDT Energy is ready with some great ideas for saving money on  your heating bill so you can get through the winter with a bit of cash still left for some summertime fun.

Aside from the big jobs like insulating your home and covering the holes in your door and window frames, there are some actions IDT Energy recommends that you take every day to keep  spending on heating your home well within your budget.

1.    Lower your thermostat. If you set your thermostat to 68 degrees during the day and 55 degrees at night you can save lots of money. Just put on a sweater or place another blanket on your bed to stay cozy comfy warm.

2.    Any empty rooms not in use should be kept closed off to keep all that expensive warm heat just where you really need it, next to you.

3.    Keep the temperature on the fireplace turned down. No need to make a fire that is too hot to stand next to. Keep the fire high enough to warm the room, but not so hot that you cant approach the fire without getting burned.



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