Posted by: admin | December 2, 2010

Energy Saving Tips for the Winter Season

This winter, save money by taking the advice of companies such as IDT Energy. Here are a few tips:

1.       Keep your shades or drapes open on the southern-facing side of your house to allow sunlight and heat into your home. At night, make sure to keep them closed, as cold air may seep in through the windows.

2.       Lowering your thermostat for eight hours a day can greatly reduce your energy bill. Try this when no one is home, or when people are in bed with blankets.

3.       Ensure that your doors and windows are sealed and weather-stripped.

4.       Clean heating equipment regularly for optimal results

5.       Check the insulation in the attic, basement, floors and crawl spaces to make sure you are not allowing cold air into your house accidentally.



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