Posted by: admin | November 23, 2010

How to Get the Most from Your Appliances- For Less

Companies such as IDT Energy can tell you that your energy bills are likely higher than they need to be. Here are some ideas for you to lower your monthly costs. First, try to use a laptop instead of a desktop computer, as they use less energy. Pay attention to your appliances if they are charging, and unplug them once the batteries are fully recharged.

Also, many appliances draw power even when they are switched off. This power is called “phantom” or “ghost” power, and they occur mainly in appliances that require electricity in order to function, such as televisions, DVD players, computers, stereos and kitchen appliances. An average of 75% of the electricity used in homes is consumed while the appliances are not in use. This can be stopped by unplugging the appliance or by using a power strip which can cut all power to the equipment.



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