Posted by: admin | November 15, 2010

Small Appliances Energy Saving Tips

Many electric companies, such as IDT Energy, will tell you that the use of small appliances can definitely influence your electricity bill. If used properly, they can cause a dramatic decrease in costs, however, common errors in use can have the opposite effect.

Microwaves and toaster ovens are a great way to minimize your electricity bill. Heat or even cook your food in one of these instead of an electric oven, as they use more than 50% less energy. Likewise, instead of boiling water on the stove, use an electric kettle. This is both cheaper and faster. Make sure to clean your kettle of mineral deposits. When purchasing a kettle, check to make sure there is an automatic shut-off, as this will also help you save energy. Other small appliances throughout the house can be using power without your knowledge. If a shut-off appliance like a cellphone charger, television or electric shaver is still connected to the power, it uses up what is called “phantom power” or “standby power”. Unplugging appliances after their use can make a real difference for your bill.



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