Posted by: admin | November 4, 2010

Saving Energy – Even with Small Appliances: IDT Energy

When you’re trying to save money and energy, every little bit counts.  Even small changes in the way that you use the toaster oven and the kettle can make a big difference with your energy.  Here are some quick changes that you can use, whether you use IDT Energy or another energy provider.

If you’re deciding whether to make something with your microwave or on the electric stove – go with the microwave.  It takes up 50% less electricity than does the electric stove.  When you warm leftovers, do so in the microwave as well, especially during the summer.

The best way to boil water for energy efficiency is with the electric kettle.  Make sure to clean it regularly to keep it free from mineral deposits.  In addition, make sure that your kettle has both an auto shut-off and an insulated handle.  Finally, keep your small kitchen appliances unplugged when they aren’t being used to reduce electricity.



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