Posted by: admin | October 24, 2010

Tips to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Are you renting an apartment and struggling with the electricity bill? Electronic companies, such as IDT Energy, will tell you that conserving energy can lower your bill dramatically. There are many simple ways to do this without greatly affecting your everyday life. Here are a few ideas. First, keep your appliances in good condition. They will work more efficiently and last longer. If you are buying new appliances, consult with the salesmen about more energy-efficient appliances.

Many of your appliances may be using power without your knowledge- things like televisions, phone chargers, DVD players, coffee makers or microwaves with clocks all use electricity even when turned off. This is called phantom power, or standby power. Use a timer to shut the power down completely at night, or be sure to unplug any appliances that consume unneeded energy.

If you are using an old model of refrigerator, try updating. Older models can consume up to twice the amount of power used by newer models.



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