Posted by: admin | August 15, 2010

IDT Energy and Con Ed Together Bring Power to New York

When considering choosing an ESCO like IDT Energy in New York, it is important to understand how the system operates. First of all, it is necessary to be clear that there are two separate parts to energy service: those are 1. Supply, and 2. Delivery.

The delivery of natural gas and electricity will continue to be the utility company that has been responsible for this function until now. Companies such as Con Edison in New York have been the supplier and the deliverer, and now will continue to be the one delivering the power. But because of deregulation the consumer can choose the supplier, which may, or may not remain the original utility. There are many ESCOs to choose from in New York, IDT Energy being one of them.

By choosing an ESCO like IDT Energy the consumer is exercising his right to pick the supplier of electricity and gas which will suit his needs best, whether because of competitive prices or valued services, or other aspects of power supply that the consumer finds useful, convenient or important in other ways.



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