Posted by: admin | August 1, 2010

IDT Energy Tips for Summer Savings

When we think of the place where we experience the largest increase in power use over the summer, we immediately think of our air conditioners. IDT Energy knows that air conditioner usage can become a real drain on the budget, so here are a few ideas which IDT Energy encourages you to try so that you can save a bit of money on your electric bill this summer.

Some tips and pointers to save when keeping cool in the summer heat.

1.    Take advantage of the cooler temperatures the evening brings. Do you have something to do which is labor intensive? Try waiting until the evening or very early morning before the oppressive heat of the day has arrived. Need to use the clothes dryer? Dishwasher? Other appliances which create heat? Wait until the evening, or even better, when no one is at home. Hopefully this practice should reduce the need to cool down your house during the hottest times of the day.

2.    Keep the central air conditioning unit out of the sun. If you can place it on the north side of the house this is the best. You can also plant shrubbery or trees around it so that it is in the shade most of the day. Keeping the a/c out of the sun allows the unit to work more efficiently, bringing you more cool air for less power exerted.

3.    Do you have a de-humidifier? Then use it! Helping to keep the humidity down to a minimum goes a long way to keeping your house cooler for less electricity expended.



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