Posted by: admin | July 8, 2010

IDT Energy Asks: What’s New in Saving Energy?

According to an article in Science Daily, it is possible for homeowners to save up to 8% on their summertime cooling bills by installing a new roof and attic system which is under development at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a division of the Department of Energy.

As far as design for energy savings, roofs have not changed much for hundreds of years. It seems that now, however the roof’s time as arrived. At ORNL a team known at the “Building Envelopes Group” is working on subventing, radiant barriers, reflective pigments and coatings, and thermal mass components to find new ways to keep what we want in (cool air in summer and warm air in winter) and keep what we don’t want out, (warm air in summer, cool air in winter.)

The prototype which has been developed has succeeded to reduce attic temperatures by 22 degrees Fahrenheit during an average summer afternoon, therefore lowering the amount of heat which is transferred into the home’s living space, helping to keep things cooler and cooling systems working less.

IDT Energy is happy to bring this information to you, and wish you a cool summer and lots of happy energy saving days.



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