Posted by: admin | June 2, 2010

Picking the Right Energy Supplier for Your Needs

When shopping for a new electric and/or natural gas supplier, there are certainly a number of items you’ll want to consider.  First, you’ll want to compare energy bill prices.  To do so, subtract the prospective energy generation supplier’s price from the price to compare for the electric and residential natural gas.  The difference that you get is the savings that you’ll receive.  Multiply this savings by your average monthly usage and that total is then your average monthly savings.

In addition, when you look at prospective suppliers such as IDT Energy and others, you’ll want to consider a number of questions.  Find out what is included in the price and what the length of the agreement is.  Is the price the same throughout the agreement?  Is there a penalty if you cancel early and are there restrictions for usage?  Make sure that you know about all of the various charges that you’ll see on your bill as well.

These factors should help you in making your decision and in being pleased with your energy supplier.



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