Posted by: admin | March 25, 2010

Sixteen Years of Energy Star

Some statistics on how well the Energy Star program has worked during the 16 years since its inception until the year 2008.

•    With the help of Energy Star, about $18 billion was saved by Americans on their utility bills.
•    Americans reduced greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by the equivalent of 29 million cars.
•    Since 2002 when the Green Power Partnership program began over 1,000 partners agreed to purchase over 16 billion kilowatt-hours of green power every year.
•    Since 2002 when the Combined Heat and Power Partnership program launched, over 260 partners installed more than 4,700 megawatts of new combined heat and power.
•    The Environmental Protection Agency’s corporate commitment program known as Climate Leaders grew by 60% in the year 2008 to 250 participants.

IDT Energy encourages consumers to make use of the Energy Star when purchasing appliances and products so that not only can they save money, but will also be helping save the environment.



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