Posted by: admin | February 15, 2010

Thermal Energy from Biomass

It may be true that when learning the rudiments of the science of physics we discover that heat is a waste product. However, just ask anyone that is finding it difficult to pay for heating their homes this winter, and you will see that in this context heat is definitely not an unwanted waste product, but instead it is the crucial, all-important energy. When we understand how important creating heat is, then we can understand why finding alternative sources for creating heat is so important. Especially since up to one third of the U.S.’s energy consumption goes towards production and management of heat.

Biomass converts to heat energy with 90% efficiency, a good reason to develop and support this resource as an alternative to fossil fuels when looking for new ways to become more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and less dependent on foreign energy sources.

IDT Energy allows their customers to choose if they want to support alternatives such as biomass as a means to creating energy for heat and other important uses.



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