Posted by: admin | January 24, 2010

Quick Energy Saving Tips

Learn some quick and immediate tips for saving money on your energy bill – starting today!  IDT Energy wants customers to save each day, and these tips might be just the trick.

Purchase a programmable thermostat and set it as comfortably low as you can in the winter, and as comfortably high in the summer as you are able.  Lower your water heater temperature.  Most of the time, these are set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Changing it to 120 degrees can make a large difference in the energy bill, without causing you to sacrifice comfort.

Only use the washing machine and dishwasher when the load is full.  Try hanging your clothing out to dry.  Next, plug all of your electronics into power strips.  When you finish using these items for the day, power down with the power strip.  This will prevent stand-by mode from taking up unnecessary electricity pull.  Finally, power down your computer and monitor when you aren’t using them.



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