Posted by: admin | January 10, 2010

Insulation Suggestions from IDT Energy

One important way to start to save money each year on your energy is to do an energy audit in the house.  IDT Energy offers these suggestions for evaluating your insulation as part of this audit.  Heat loss through both the ceiling and the walls could be costing you a great deal.  In the attic, see if openings for pies, ductwork and chimneys are sealed.  Seal these areas if they aren’t done already.

Make sure the attic vents aren’t blocked by insulation and seal electrical boxes with flexible caulk.  If you believe that there isn’t sufficient insulation in the walls of your home, you can pay to have a thermographic inspection done.

The basement should be looked at as well.  If the basement itself isn’t heated, you should at least see if there is insulation under the living area flooring.  Most places in the country recommend have an R-value of 25 as a minimum level of insulation.  The first floor perimeter and foundation wall should have at least a rating of 19 or more.  You should also check that your water heater, your hot water pipes and your furnace ducts are insulated.



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