Posted by: admin | December 8, 2009

Getting the Facts with IDT Energy

We, as a nation, use a great deal of energy on a daily basis.  Certainly, many of us could do a better job saving money on our electricity and watching our energy usage.  Here are a number of surprising facts about energy usage that should concern us all, and perhaps help you to see why IDT Energy is working so hard each day.

The Energy Information Administration reports that, in two decades, the U.S. energy consumption will increase a record 40%; that’s an amount that is equivalent to the energy that’s used today in California, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Many would be surprised to learn that our idle electronics, including TVs, VCRs, DVD players and more, use energy even when they are switched off.  Nationally, these sleeping electronics use 5% of our domestic energy and cost consumer more than $3 billion annually!

Certainly, IDT Energy works with customers to cut down on electricity bills and to offer energy at the lowest possible price.  You can have it all with IDT Energy, while watching your bottom line.



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