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Electrical Travel Tips from IDT Energy

French Power Socket

French Power Socket

The holidays are right around the corner, and you may be thinking about taking a trip-maybe overseas? Here are a few things you should know about energy usage around the world from IDT Energy.
Electrical outlets come in a large variety of sizes and shapes which are called according to the letters of the English alphabet, from type A through M, some of which are quite common, and others being rather rare.

Voltages also vary worldwide, from a high of 240 volts in places such as Australia, Kuwait and Malaysia, and as low as 100volts in Japan, 110 volts in Cuba and Brazil, and 120 volts in the United States, Canada and the Cayman Islands. Slight variations in local current are common, and most appliances are built to withstand these increments below and above the normal current.

According to Associated Content Travel, the five most traveled to destinations for tourists are France, Spain, Italy, China and the United States. Here is a list of the voltages and outlet types for those countries:

1.    France:  230 Volts; 50 Hz; Type E Outlet

2.    Spain:    230 Volts; 50 Hz; Type C and F Outlets (Please note that in Barcelona’s Barrio Gothic, the voltage is 120V and 60Hz)

3.    Italy:      230 Volts; 50 Hz; Type F, L and C Outlets (Please note that type L plugs and outlets can have different size pins and spacing than what is standard.)

4.    China:   220 Volts; 50 Hz; Type A, I and G Outlets (China’s official plug is similar to type A, but it is a bit shorter and has no holes in the blades. Type A and I are common but type G is also seen)

5.    U.S.:       120 Volts; 60 Hz; Type I Outlets



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