Posted by: admin | October 21, 2009

IDT Energy Introduces: Natural Gas!

gasflameinverted Let’s change gears. We’ve been focusing our attention on the different aspects of electricity consumption and savings, but IDT Energy is also a supplier of natural gas, and we want you to be educated on this subject as well.

What exactly is “natural gas?” First we should make clear what natural gas isn’t. In the United States we refer to the substance we use to fuel our cars as gas. Although it is a fossil fuel, it is very different from natural gas. We also use “gas” in our backyard barbecues, but it is really propane. Propane is often found in natural gas, and it is closely associated with it, but it is still quite different. Natural gas happens to be among the cleanest, safest and most useful of the energy resources we have. As such it is important to learn about this remarkable resource.



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