Posted by: admin | September 16, 2009

Turn Off Your Computer and Save the Earth

planet earthAt the end of a long work day it is easy to just pack-up your things and rush out of the office. But what if you knew that turning off your computer not only saves electricity, but also reduces the harm to the environment caused by the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere contributing to global warming? In that case probably many people would like to turn off their computer at the end of the day. If only there was something to remind them.

It so happens that there is a widget that can be downloaded that not only reminds you to turn off your computer, but keeps track of the energy that you save when you do. It shows you the impact of your own simple action and that of the rest of the world.

IDT Energy wants to remind you that small efforts can make a big difference. Although your own actions may seem small when you practice the three r’s, reduce, reuse, recycle; combined with everyone else’s efforts, together we can make a big difference indeed.



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