Posted by: admin | August 2, 2009

IDT Energy Asks “Green, Clean and What’s It Mean?”

IDT Energy wants the public to be informed about the effect energy use has on the environment, and to truly understand what is behind the modern usage of descriptive terms like “green” and “clean” when it comes to energy production and consumption.

First, it is important to note that “clean” and “green” are not synonymous. Energy might be “clean” if it produces little or no air pollution at the power plant or refinery, or other chemicals which are harmful to the environment, like mercury, lead, carcinogens or others. But what about the harmful products or processing resulting from the extraction of the resource from nature, transportation of that resource, energy used to produce it into a usable product, resources and energy used for creating infrastructure to produce that energy. Lastly, is there any waste that needs disposal when the energy has been exhausted from the resource?

When considered globally, it is clear that saying that energy is “clean” or not does not tell the whole story, and that is why it is more precise to say we are interested in reducing the “carbon footprint” that a particular energy source leaves behind, and that is what is meant by “green energy.”



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