Posted by: admin | July 15, 2009

Treasury and Energy Depts Commit $3 Billion to Develop Clean Energy

Good news for IDT Energy customers. As renewable sources of energy develop and expand, it is expected that the cost of these alternative energy sources will decrease.  This should lower the cost to people choosing the “green” option at IDT Energy.

Achieving two important aims at once, the U.S. Department of Energy in partnership with the Department of the Treasury has announced that they will make available over $3 Billion from Recovery Act funds to stimulate development in urban and rural communities around the country while at the same time increasing U.S. independence from foreign sources of energy, particularly fossil fuel suppliers.
“The renewable energy program provides another important avenue for the Recovery Act to contribute to economic development in communities around the country,” said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. “It will provide additional stimulus to economies in urban and rural America by helping to develop domestic sources of clean energy. This partnership between Treasury and Energy will enable both large companies and small businesses to invest in our long-term energy needs, protect our environment, and revitalize our nation’s economy.”



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