Posted by: admin | June 14, 2009

IDT Energy Part of Long Term Green Energy Goals

white house in snowAs IDT Energy in New York continues to offer to its customers the choice of getting some of their electricity produced by alternative energy sources, politicians also continue to create legislation to encourage the switch to renewable energy as a source of electric power.

As reality settles in in Washington much of the far reaching goals set by candidate Barak Obama are being whittled down by Congress to more realistic and manageable goals.

During his campaign and early presidency Obama was enthusiastically calling for 25% of the United States’ electricity to come from renewable sources such as solar, wind and other alternatives to coal and oil, by the year 2025.

Tempering this enthusiasm is a strong whiff of reality from congress brought on by compromises made with utilities to exempt them in some cases and to meet some of these goals with increased efficiency rather than an actual switch to increased use of green energy.

The large climate bill which will be considered by Congress in the coming weeks would require 20% of electricity production to come from renewables by the year 2020. Even this more modest amount won’t be reached due to compromises and exemptions.

Compared to the original goals set by Obama of 10% renewable energy use by utilities by the year 2012 and 25% by 2025, this is a disappointment for the president indeed.



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