Posted by: admin | June 7, 2009

Evaporative Cooling: An Alternative Method for Cooling Large Spaces

‘Big box’ stores such as Cosco, Wal-mart and other warehouse style facilities are looking for more cost effective methods of climate control, as well as “greener”, or environmentally friendly solutions than traditional cooling systems.

Evaporative cooling is more economical and  friendly to the environment for at least six reasons.

1.    Evaporative cooling systems use up to 75% less power than standard systems.
2.    They leave a smaller “hydro footprint.” Meaning they use less water than the traditional cooling systems.
3.    Evaporative cooling systems actually weigh less than traditional systems, requiring less structural support, so less materials end up eventually in landfills.
4.    All the cooling media used is paper-based recyclable material and the equipment is made from easily recyclable metals and other substances.
5.    Evaporative cooling systems are free from harmful HCFCs .
6.    These systems are true 100% outside air (OA) systems. In addition to providing cooling, the large amount of air that is moved also provides air that is 50% rh, the perfect amount for good health.

kite at the beachIn summary, evaporative cooling uses the system that nature uses to cool large spaces, uses much less power, leaves a much smaller hydro and carbon footprint, saves on structural building materials, is made of recyclable materials, and maintains a 100% OA system. It seems clear that evaporative cooling should be the method of choice for cooling big box stores.



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