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Windmills in Motion

Texas Windmill

Texas Windmill

There is historical evidence that windmills were invented in the 9th century, in Persia. This ancient means of harnessing a renewable energy source was used for grinding corn or to draw up water. Windmills spread to Europe via Islamic Spain. By the end of the 12th century windmills were used to grind grains/cereals in northwestern Europe and were also used in China in the 13th century.

Water pumping windmills, developed in the United States, was a major contributor in the development of farming and ranching throughout huge areas of North America, which by and large had no easy access to water. Without water-pumping windmills early steam-locomotive rail systems could not have developed, since the water needed to pump from wells to wherever the locomotive was located.

In the late 19th century there were two major brands of windmills, The Eclipse and the Aermotor. The Aermotor became the most popular because it is designed to withstand windstorms and not fly apart. Today Aermotor is the only water-windmill manufacturer in the U.S. Aermoter windmills are still being used in places in the world where there is no realistic way to connect to power lines.



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