Posted by: admin | April 14, 2009

IDT Energy: Greenhouse Effect Explained

sunandclouds1Traditional sources of energy, such as coal, gas and oil contribute to the dangerous “greenhouse effect” which we hear so much about. But what is the greenhouse effect, and why is it such a concern to scientists and environmentalists, and anyone that cares about the quality of life on earth, not just today, but for the future?

When carbon dioxide and other gasses are released into the atmosphere as by-products of energy production from coal, oil and gas, heat energy from the sun is trapped near the earth’s surface. This causes an increase in temperature, known as “global warming.”  This process is similar to the way a greenhouse works to grow plants that are sensitive to cool temperatures, or the way your car heats up inside when the sun shines on it while it’s parked with the windows closed.

Even a temperature increase of just a few degrees can drastically change the earth’s climate, causing an increase in number and severity of storms, floods, droughts and hurricanes all of which can devastate economies and societies.

For this reason it is important to be aware and work towards an increase in use and development of renewable energy.This is one of the goals of IDT Energy.


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